Taking inspiration from masters of film photography like, Kurt Marcus and Steven Shore, Beau finds passion in capturing some of the forgotten lifestyles of our time. By telling a story influenced by cowboys and the western culture, his body of work focuses on preserving authentic moments and documenting what might be referred to as a lost era in today’s society. 

Beau started his love for photography with a digital camera at the age of sixteen but has switched over to exclusively medium and large format film over the past ten years, documenting scenes predominantly across North America. Each body of work takes careful planning and dedication to capture a certain mood or vision he has set out to illustrate. By connecting us all to either a time or place we once remember, inspiring us to see the beauty in every setting and the various cultural lifestyles that still thrive in our ever so changing communities.

Work / Exhibitions

Outside of working on exclusive collections each year for his art galleries, Beau also works on various personal projects relating to topics he finds inspiration from to share with the world. Here are a few upcoming projects/exhibitions he is working on.


  • March 12th - October 2nd: The Twenty-Year War: Our Next Greatest Generation - National Veterans Memorial & Museum


  • The Signature Gallery - Santa Fe, NM
  • House of Spoils - Los Angeles, CA
  • Markowicz Fine Art - Dallas, TX



  • Fox & Friends Live Segment, 2021
  • CNN & MSNBC, 2021
  • National Veterans Memorial & Museum, Panel Discussion, 2021
  • Washington Post, 2021
  • Good Morning America, 2021

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