In 2022, Beau Simmons released his now sold art artwork titled, "Icons." It became one of his top-selling artworks and was featured in various art fairs like Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, LA Art Expo, and Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary. The initial edition was of just 10 prints no matter the size. 

Since the major success of this artwork, Beau has partnered exclusively with one of his galleries, Markowicz Fine Art to release this artwork as an online edition of 100 prints in a completely custom size. The size is 15 x 30 (in inches) and each print is hand-signed and numbered and comes unframed. This allows collectors to own one of these prints without taking away from the value of the first edition of 10 that previously sold out. Each print is produced in the same facility using the same paper and techniques as all of Beau's works. Click the link below if you would like to secure your print of "Icons."


Pierce Brosnan & Beau Simmons, Art Miami, 2023

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