"The Equestrian Collection" is a series of artworks dedicated to the equestrian lifestyle and English culture. It is a collection highlighting various styles like Show Jumping, Dressage, Polo, Horse Racing, and more. These artworks portray authentic moments within the industry while also telling a story filled with luxury, class, and wealth. A deep dive into the high-end lifestyle that surrounds this culture of horsemanship. These photographs are entirely captured in North America and were carefully thought out in an effort to allow the viewer's eyes to wander and explore the rich details and storytelling within each photograph. Beau has captured a body of work that creates a beautiful contrast to his popular Western Collection. Lastly, he has created a series of artworks that help share stories from the other side of the industry, in an attempt to honor all horse lovers and equestrians who live this competitive lifestyle.

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An artwork that shouldn't have come together so perfectly. The photo you see here was a one-and-done kind of photo. Most of my work is thought out beforehand since I'm shooting on film, but this photo has been on my mind for years now. It's a photo that is very difficult to pull off and the timing has to be just right. When the owners walked the horses up to one another the male on the left went down to nuzzle the female on the right and quickly rested their heads against each other. It was almost as if they were destined to be together. With no time to spare, I had to manually focus as quickly as possible and capture this moment just in time before they moved out of the frame. When I received my film back from the lab I couldn't have been any happier with how it turned out. The male horse on the left has this masculine and powerful presence but is calmly resting his head so gently against the female to the right. To me, it represents intimacy and true love. A love that dedicates itself to protecting and providing for another soul. The way that their faces perfectly line up as their eyes meet, creates an energy filled with devotion while allowing for a moment of stillness. It perfectly portrays that when you find a love that is pure and unwavering, nothing can come between two hearts. You are together as one.


In Italian, Di Lusso stands for something that is classy, of high quality, stylish, and expensive. I named this artwork Di Lusso because of the feeling that this image brings. An image highlighting luxury items and high-end horses, an equestrian's dream. Elegant and sleek are the two words that come to my mind when looking at this photograph. I wanted to portray a feeling of power and luxury when I was setting up this concept. The Italian-made saddle perfectly frames this beautiful horse standing tall and proud on a classy farm located in Wellington, Florida. A friend of mine who is a show jumper and competes all over the world helped me bring this vision to life. We set up a white backdrop and staged this horse right in front of it on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. To me this photo provides a look into the equestrian lifestyle, focusing on one of the main essentials that most will identify with as an industry standard. The saddle not only serves its purpose but it has to also look good doing so. The brown oiled leather matches this horse's coat while complimenting the sleek stirrups shining in the sun. An artwork that will create conversation and set the tone in anyone's home.


There are times when I enjoy capturing big crazy productions and other times, simple moments like this are what I'm after. I have been wanting to create a series of artworks that honor the English style of horsemanship for those that live within it. Artworks that create a clean and refined mood for my collector's homes. This photo was captured with nothing but artificial sunlight against a white backdrop that was set up along a training arena in Wellington, Florida. We positioned the horse and waited patiently for her to tip her head down, showing off the braids in her mane. The artistry that goes into preparing these horses for competitions and events is absolutely incredible. That's coming from a guy who wears dirty boots to weddings and never retires sweat-stained cowboy hats. For a man like me that enjoys the dirty side of the western lifestyle, I appreciate the craftsmanship and presentation that comes along with equestrian sports. It is a challenge for me to not only document this side of the industry in an authentic way but to also make sure that it is done resulting in a proper aesthetic. I hope the details in this artwork will not only make any horse lover smile but will also resonate with anyone who is involved in the competitive eventing world. I call this one, "Showtime."


This artwork came to my mind after seeing the boots and clean details presented to me through the lens. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment types of deals, no pun intended. I wanted to capture a friend of mine who is a show jumper sitting on her beautiful horse which provided contrast against her white saddle pad and sharp attire. Anyone who has any experience in the equestrian world knows how clean these outfits can be. In an industry full of classiness and proper presentation, I strived to capture a moment that perfectly displays that. The day that this photo was captured was my very first experience witnessing the English eventing world. Contenders from all areas of the world all competing for the top position. Every one of them wore sleek attire and was mounted on top of some of the world's most expensive horses. Later that day we went out for drinks and dinner at a local spot that was filled with equestrians who were excited to see a man standing there in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. The contrast between them and myself was very obvious but at the end of the day, we are all dedicated to the horseman lifestyle. There is just as much grit in the equestrian world as there is in the western culture. Behind the oiled boots, classy sport coats, and well-groomed horses, is a lifestyle full of blood, sweat, and tears. This is, "The English Way."


The horse has always held a powerful image in our minds. An animal that has a unique disposition and can sense good character instantly. I don't get to photograph them enough. I typically create scenarios where the horses aren't the main subjects in my photos. They are usually there to serve as a companion or act as supportive figures within my work. However, horses were what originally drew me to documenting this lifestyle. It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I ventured off and found myself staying on a ranch while creating photos for the company. What was supposed to be three days turned into two weeks of me sleeping in a bunk house, hearing the sounds of hooves beating into the earth every morning just outside my window. I believe that horses find their way into our hearts. I didn't choose them, they chose me. Whether you have experience riding horses or you just love to admire them, I know we can all agree that they bring a unique energy with their presence. For this artwork, I wanted to focus on capturing a profile photo of a beautiful gray mare that allows the viewer to fully engage with all of the details on her face. From the headstall to the braided knots in her mane, this photo is dedicated to the equestrian lifestyle. From the emotional connections that we share with these creatures to the lifelong bond, the horse will always represent royalty in my eyes.


Italian leather at its finest. The equestrian lifestyle proudly represents only the best when it comes to the equipment and apparel each rider and their horse showcases. From the high-end saddles to their sportcoats, nothing is subpar. In this particular photo, I wanted to highlight the beauty of a classic English saddle contrasting against a beautiful gray horse. A saddle made from Italian leather by Prestige Italia, the Ferrari of equestrian saddles. This image is to honor the beautiful culture of showjumping and the exquisite lifestyle that surrounds it. Classy and elegance immediately come to mind when I look at this photograph. It's the perfect addition to any luxury home while highlighting the equestrian industry and all of its glory.


"The idea behind "Life In Wellington" was to capture the authenticity of the daily moments happening in this area of Florida. Wellington is known to be one of the largest and longest-running horse shows in the world. Palm tree-lined streets guide you down private neighborhoods filled with the most luxurious horse farms and Polo fields. It is a place where the wealthiest people in the world travel for show season held between January and April each year. My vision was to honor the high-end lifestyle surrounding this culture and portray a final image that represented what any average day looks like in Wellington. For this photo, I was able to get in touch with a local car collector who let us use this amazing 1955 Jaguar XK140. Alongside the car, we wanted to stage a model wearing high-end and flashy clothing to match the elegance of this image and allow her to interact with the two show jumpers off to the right side. The overall composition creates a vintage yet modern feel and I couldn't be any happier with the way it came out."

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